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Xavier Font is a Spanish-based photographer working on self-initiated projects. His evocative images are of scenes that are, more often than not, overlooked for their seeming banality. And yet it’s in locations and still life such as these that Xavier’s talent comes to the fore, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary through unique composition, colour and tone; his keenly observed images hinting at hidden narratives that endure well beyond the frame. Often isolated people and objects are cloaked with dignity, and the fresh perspective of the quirky nuances of everyday life offer up a wry smile. With a background in engineering design, Xavier is well versed on the spacial awareness of the urban environment, and his photographs offer that rare hint of a particular situation, acting as the crucial ‘bridge’ between design and photography.


In his personal work, Xavier remains committed to capturing those ‘in-between’ moments, giving depth to the unexpected beauty of the everyday. And with this comes an intimacy in its realness: No artifice, no set-up, purely the ability to re-engage the viewer with the ‘newness’ of the normal, and perhaps, at times, render it almost surreal.

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